Pipe for air conditioning unit

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Pipe for air conditioning unit



Transport of heat transfer fluids for multi-function systems.
This copper tube is manufactured according to EN 12735-1 (and ASTM B 68/M), and is pre-insulated with polyethylene foam characterised by a closed cell structure with regular and evenly distributed cell size (EN 14114).
It is distributed in coils, with the tube diameter specified in millimetres. The insulating sheath is manufactured in full compliance with European Regulation EEC/EU 2037/2000 that enforces the use of insulating expanded foam sheaths devoid of CFCs and HCFCs which are harmful to health and the environment. The thickness of the sheath is designed to satisfy the various requirements of this application area.
Given the particular application field, special attention is reserved for the external protective polyethylene film deigned to prevent the formation of condensation on the outer wall of the product.

Internal surface
The inner surface of the copper tube is bright, clean and dry, essential characteristics of this product category normally available on the market for industrial use. This particularity allows for the achievement of an integrated system with the terminal units of the plant. The particular internal factory cleanliness of SMISOL® Frio is safeguarded by fitting terminal stoppers at production.

External protection
Polyethylene closed cell expanded foam with average water vapour diffusion resistance factor “μ” equal to 10000. The insulating sheath is manufactured under full compliance to European Regulation EEC/EU 2037/2000 which enforces the use of expanded foam insulation sheaths devoid of CFCs and HCFCs which are harmful to health and the environment and have class 1 fire resistance compliant to Italian Min. Decree 26/06/84.

Sheath characteristics
Thermal conductivity: ≤0,040 W/m°C.
Average value of the water vapour diffusion resistance factor “μ” 10000.
Average sheath density: 30 kg/m³.
Free of ammonia residues.
Excellent resistance to external chemical agents.
Class 1 non flammable (Italian Min. Decree 26/06/84).
Free of CFCs and HCFCs (Reg. EEC/EU 2037/2000).
Indications for plant designTo avoid condensation on the tubing, check the environmental conditions in which the product is to be installed:
relative humidity, ambient temperature and temperature of the conveyed fluid.
In this regard, it is recommended that the plant parameters are verified by means of the Psychrometric diagram.

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