Pipes for domestic gas networks

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Florence, Italy
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SMISOL® Tekgas


Pipes for domestic gas networks

SMISOL® Tekgas


Distribution of liquid and gaseous fuels with particular reference in systems running inside walls.
In compliance with applicable regulations.
SMISOL® Tekgas is copper tube manufactured according to standard EN
1057. During production, it is enclosed in a special low density closed cell polyethylene sheath. Thanks to the characteristics of the sheath, which continuously coextruded onto the copper tube, and the presence of spacers wrapped in a helical manner with respect to the tube axis, it is particularly indicated for the transport of liquid and gaseous fuels.
The spacers ensure that the sheath has an internal diameter that is 10 mm greater than the outer diameter of the tube. This particular geometric detail allows the tube to be used for crossing of walls and floors without the addition of further metal sheathing in full compliance with UNI 7129.
This tube may also be buried in critical situations where the walls contain cavities (for example hollow brickwork). This is possible again thanks to the polymeric sheath that continuously envelops the copper tubing, note that the sheath inner diameter is 10 mm greater than the outer diameter of the tube conveying the combustible fluid.
The helical shape of the spacers ensures that the tube-sheath separation remains constant even in the 90° bends, avoiding crushing; hence, in the event of loss, the danger of gas pocket formation is avoided.
The in-line sheathing process ensures superior malleability, greater than that of comparable products on the market. In order to preserve this unique feature, the SMISOL ® Tekgas coils have a very wide diameter which, with the features already described, qualify this as both a practical and professional product.
Furthermore, in the interests of consumer protection and in accordance with EU Regulation 305/2011 for construction products (CPR), SMISOL® Tekgas copper tubes are certified with the CE mark. A further guarantee of compliance with prevailing regulation standards is assured with the achievement of UNI-IGQ Quality certification.

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Further details
Sheath characteristics
• Low density closed cell polyethylene liner.
• Helically wound spacers
• Air gap: 5 mm min.
• Excellent resistance to external chemical agents.
• Ink marking every meter.
• Not flammable Class 1
Internal protection
During production, the tubes are subjected to a patented passivation treatment and stabilisation of the inner wall. SMISOL® Tekgas copper tube has a carbon residue C<0,06 mg/dm2, much lower than that required by EN 1057 which defines a carbon content C≤0,20 mg/dm2.
External protection
The low density closed cell polyethylene sheath protects against damage from external agents such as building materials (eg. quick-setting cement) and damage caused by impact during the construction site transportation. It complies with reg. EEC/EU 2037/2000 and has class 1 fire resistance complaint to Italian Min. Decree 26/06/84.
With reference to tool-assisted bending procedures, it should be noted that the proper dies and counter dies may differ significantly depending on the make and model of the tube-bender in use.

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