Pipes for heating system and for water network

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Florence, Italy
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Pipes for heating system and for water network



Drinking water distribution
Radiator heating
Chilled water distribution

A noble core, safe, performant, proven, hygienic, bacteriostatic – a core in Copper. Strato represents the evolution of tubing for the conveyance of drinking water and for radiator heating plant.
This product combines the lightness and the ease of installation of traditional multi-layer solutions with the unique performance of copper tubing in terms of resistance to pressure and high temperatures, hygiene and antibacterial properties, low-pressure losses and reduced internal roughness.
Strato is manufactured according to the standard UNI 11342: “…Composite, Seamless Copper-pe, Tubes For Fluid Distribution”. It is obtained by the coextrusion of a specific reduced thickness copper tube with an indissoluble layer of polyethylene.It is then externally insulated with an insulating sheath made of closed cell expanded polyethylene compliant to Italian Law 10/91 and the related Presidential Decree 412/93.
The quality of the employed raw materials and the sheath characteristics make the product particularly suitable for the distribution of drinking water and for high-temperature radiator heating plant.
Ease of installation and bending, absence of memory effect, light weight, excellent quality/price ratio, a wide choice of matching fittings, reliability and safety make Strato a truly innovative solution in state-of-the-art plumbing applications.

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- Resistance to pressure and high temperatures
Strato is resistant to sudden pressure variations, as its metallic nature assures high mechanical strength.
- Hygiene and bacteriostatic properties
It is ab solutely hygienic and counteracts bacterial growth. Drinking water only comes into contact only with the copper surface ensuring the absence of odours and flavors.
- Absence of welded joints
The inner copper tube is obtained through a continuous extrusion process, unlike conventional multilayer materials which involve the longitudinal seaming of the aluminium layer by means of various techniques.
- Totally waterproof and 100% oxygen barrier
Its metallic core renders it impermeable to gases: there is no risk of leaks and/or inside to outside contamination and vice versa. In heating systems it avoids the presence of oxygen that can attack boilers, pump impellers or other metallic parts.
- Flexibility and workability
Strato can also be bent by hand with small radii and takes on the new shape without suffering from any memory effect.
- Low thermal expansion coefficient
Unlike plastic tubes, the thermal expansion is extremely limited, thus ensuring dimensional stability also under considerable temperature variations in the transported fluid.
- Low-pressure losses
Strato has an extremely low internal roughness (1,5 μm compared to 7 μm in traditional multi-layer material). This means a reduced pressure drop and reduced risk of limescale incrustations.
Jointing techniques
Strato is compatible with all couplings and fittings compliant to EN 1254-8 normally used with multilayer tubing.
The particular advantage of Strato is that it offers an “open solution” not restricted to any specific connection type.
Various combinations are available, compatible with the most important fitting brands on the market, including full bore solutions.
This latter allows for lower tube diameters and thus lower installation budgets, both in terms of tube material costs and reduced masonry work.
Various coupling techniques are available (press fittings, screw fittings and quick-coupling).
Cutting, calibrating and deburring can be performed with common commercially available tools.
Strato can be easily bent by hand or with a normal copper tube bending tool
You can use various types of mechanical fittings (press fittings, quick coupling, compression) available on the market.

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