Finestre in acciaio, Corten, ottone, inox

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EBE AF | Tagliafuoco EI30


Finestre in acciaio, Corten, ottone, inox

EBE system EI30 thermal break for fire doors and fixed, similar to other frames of EBE family

The partitioning of environments for the protection of persons from fire and smoke caused by the fires - with the constraints and requirements imposed by the fire technology - puts the designer's theme consistently integrated into the project and anti-fire doors windows, placed together with other windows of the building.
Despite its high degree of specificity, the EBE AF EI system provides the project a range of doors and windows partitions - for indoor and outdoor use - with the same materials, the same shapes and thicknesses, the same accessories in view of the products Dry Systems: all the elements are recognized, but did highlight a dystonia with the rest of the building.
Thanks to a careful study of specific materials and internal components, including accessories and seals, the AF system allows for frames that respond to different protection classes to Mu fixtures EI 30, which exploit the technology of thermally insulated profiles of EBE systems
The performance of EBE 30 AF EI system have been tested by the best European certifying labs under the reference standards EN 1634-1.
painted galvanized steel, stainless steel AISI 316L polished or scotch brite or AISI 304 with a satin finish, Corten steel
EBE AF EI 30 door
system performance
EBE AF EI 30 is an integrated system of accessories, seals and thermal break profiles with depth of 65 mm that allows to implement a wide range of fire-resistant doors and windows partitions.
You can install single or insulating glass panes with thickness up to 40 mm.
Each type is equipped with special accessories certified integrated to the system.
The capacity of the frame not to pass the flames and hot smoke (fire resistance E) is guaranteed by the structural profile and the double rebate gasket system. The ability to keep the temperature on the side not exposed to fire (insulation I) is obtained thanks to the special thermal break made of special fire resistant resins.
visual and variants footprint
EBE AF EI 30 door is internal and external coplanarity. The lateral and central nodes have the same overall dimensions of the EBE system 65, with a section in side view of 134 mm

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