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Thermal break window

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Preganziol, Italy
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4F 1 | Facciata continua autoportante


Thermal break window

Curtain wall with self-supporting thermal break mullion and transom, with external pressure available in four materials

Large backgrounds windows require more inertia and consequent increase of the uprights sections: 1 4F shows the solution, with the structural uprights in steel, stainless steel or Corten steel contained section (50 mm) and the high moment of inertia, to ensure the values static required while maintaining the effect of lightness and transparency of the façade.
4F 1 configures the project design of the frame in a number of possible variants and integrates windows and doors ensuring the best performance.
The performance of 4F 1 system have been tested by the best European certifying labs under the reference standards EN 13830.
painted galvanized steel, stainless steel AISI 316L polished or scotch brite or AISI 304 with a satin finish, Corten steel, brass polished or burnished
system performance
4F 1 is a system for curtain walls with thermal break, with the structural uprights and cross sections of depth from 50 to 180 mm and width 50 mm. The high modulus of elasticity of the metal ensures a robust but lightweight and versatile.
The air and water tightness is ensured by a system of seals at several levels in EPDM realized with gutters for the drainage of any water infiltrations.
The glass, the thickness up to 56 mm, is inserted frontally, leaning on suitable glass supports integral with the structural profiles and fixed to the uprights and cross-members by means of a door-perforated gaskets presser steel for the application with screws.
application possibilities
4F 1 is provided with appropriate vignettes, fully retractable, stainless steel for the joining of the heads of the uprights with the crosspieces in the different possible combinations.

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