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Thermal break window

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EBE 85 AS | Alzante scorrevole


Thermal break window


Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanized Steel, Corten™

Thanks to the enhancement of the insulating area and to the reduction of the visible sections, EBE 85 combines in one product all the functional advantages and the architectural aspects thus meeting all the requirements for sustainable projects. EBE 85 system makes it possible to use thick triple glazing windows, with high thermal, acoustic and safety performance.
Available in:
paintable galvanized steel
AISI 316L stainless steel – provided in polished or scotch-brite finish or AISI 304 in satin finish
corten steel
brass in polished or burnished finish

EBE thermal break system for lift-sliding large and high performance insulation and sealing, at floor level threshold

EBE 85 evolves with the AS system, which allows to realize large sliding glass walls, in which the large size and weight of doors may alternate with fixed mirrors: functionality and beauty coexist in the frame that becomes both cutting edge technical element, both sophisticated component facades and furnishings of the interior spaces. The system, in fact, designed to be versatile and flexible, maintains the excellent performance of EBE 85 system and lends itself to interpretation and implementation of the most innovative projects of contemporary architecture.
Combines high thermal insulation performance with very high values ​​of permeability to air, in water resistance, the resistance to wind load and sound insulation.
Declinable in two subsystems, the slide 85 EBE AS can assume sections in view of 94 mm on all sides or, still, be reduced to the sections in view of only 69 mm for the central node, the side uprights and the upper cross-member.
EBE 85 AS is available in galvanized steel - with a wide range of colors and surface finishes - in
AISI 304 stainless steel with satin finish, AISI 316L stainless steel with a polished or scotch brite, in
corten steel and brass (copper alloy 0T67).
System performance
sliding doors is an integrated system with accessories, seals and thermal break profiles with depth of 85 mm to achieve lift-slide doors and windows from one to four large doors and weight (400 kg.).
You can install insulating glass up to 60 mm thick.
The slide fittings sealing characteristics are guaranteed by a dual system
gasket on all four sides.
Each type is provided with appropriate accessories retractable integrated to the system.
The performance of the thermal break system EBE 85 sliding doors have been tested by the best European certifying labs under the reference standard EN 14351-1.

visual and variants footprint
EBE 85 lift and slide doors can be achieved with a view to the section of the frames of 69 mm or 94 mm.
There are two possible solutions to the threshold: no space with a flat floor threshold
joke; with integrated threshold system including Room
for the collection and outflow

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