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Seves glassblockPHOTOVOLTAIC

Solar powered illuminating glass paver

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Seves glassblock

Florence, Italy
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Solar powered illuminating glass paver

Sun powered illumination: Photovoltaic transforms the already eco-friendly glass block into a new building instrument, ideal for lighting exterior applications while conserving energy. Composed of solar powered, low-voltage illuminating glass pavers—the Photovoltaic collection is a fast, easy and low-cost alternative to electrical ground lighting. Add soft droplets of light to dark exteriors or create glowing walkway patterns, all without the need for intricate electrical installation, wiring or maintenance. Photovoltaic glass blocks come with a built-in solar panel to conserve energy during the day, which is then used to power the high-efficiency LED lights throughout the night. The Photovoltaic collection is designed specifically for exterior use in commercial, public and residential applications such as: walkways, sidewalks, bridges, balconies, patios, decks, gardens, as well as in exterior walls or panels.

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