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Plastic dome for ventilated hollow floor

  • Design by Alessandro Scurria

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Torrenova, Italy
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Plastic dome for ventilated hollow floor

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Aircrab is the ultimate solution for ventilated crawl spaces, air space buffers, or gaps for utility pipes, typically between the ground and civil or industrial buildings, that improves the comfort of the living environment. This system helps to remove the unsightly and unhealthy effects brought by condensation and mold and allows enhanced thermal performance. 
 The connection with the outside by simple pipes allows a natural air flow to cross the interspace, eliminating moisture and cooling the foundation during summer. The use of EPS guarantees thermal insulation. AirCrab makes it possible to build quickly a self-supporting platform, hooking the parts according to a predefined sequence. Concrete is then poured, creating a simple and low-cost ventilated floor slab, a real gap that can also be used for utility pipes and components. 
 AirCrab is entirely made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which is flame retardant and non-toxic; thanks to such material, AirCrab is particularly recommended for floor heating / cooling as it ensures a constant internal temperature of the environments. Heat spikes are avoided and radiant temperature is almost constant, which contributes to a feeling of great comfort. The ventilation of the crawl space heats up the cold winter air, which comes out enriched by any humidity present in the interspace. When it comes to floor heating, AirCrab proves to be a precious ally in preventing heat loss; the mass of the slab, inside the foundations, acts as an accumulator, while the insulating layer prevents the return of the cold from the floor below the foundation.

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Further details
• A ventilated and insulated crawl space system;
• adjustable height;
• foundation beams and slab all in one;
• complete elimination of any inside formwork on foundation beams;
• installation possible on any surface;
• easy installation thanks to the lightness of the materials and simple fitting;
• realization of the interspace without the use of composite materials;
• adaptable to any shape;
• walkability during the installation phase;
• possibility to install piping and drains under the floor;
• reduction of concrete use;
• respects the environment;
• resistant to humidity;
• unlimited life;
• high biological quality;
• allows perfect breathability of outer walls;
• forms an effective barrier to rising humidity.
• ventilated crawl spaces for civil and industrial buildings new-built or under renovation;
• floor slabs for ventilation interspaces and passage of piping;
• roof gardens, using a simple filling with expanded clay;
• sanitary gaps;
• equalization units;
• floating floors;
• urban infrastructure, in place of pipelines for the passage of networks under sidewalks, pedestrian and cycle paths;
• agricultural industry, for the paving of silos and warehouses;
• preservation industry, for the ventilation of floors of refrigerating rooms, drying rooms, greenhouses, fixed-temperature rooms;
• ecological platforms, used to drain the excess water;
• sport fields (football, tennis, etc...) allowing adequate water filtration and preventing freezing during the winter season.

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