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Acoustic sliding glass office partition

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Francenigo, Italy
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Acoustic sliding glass office partition



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In the Sinetica philosophy the walls also become “smart” elements of a new way to conceive space. Chakra arises from the collaboration with Universal Selecta, an activity specialized in the creation of partitions, and takes its name from the energy centres of the body according to oriental philosophy: a concept that is transferred to the creation of open, luminous spaces f ull of energy and dynamism, capable of transforming itself in time and to create harmony with the surrounding environment. It consists of a patented system of totally self suppor ting, “plug and play” modules which allow the creation of unlimited solutions, from a small box to a large interior furnishing project, playing with cur ved and straight panels, hinged or sliding doors, original accessories and integrated complements. Crystal, aluminium, steel, ceramics, wood, lacquered surfaces and sound-absorbing fabrics are the materials that compose a welcoming and comfor table environment in ever y sense, already out f it ted to inter face with the modern audio, video and web technology: all this with an extreme ease of inst allation without need of anchorage to the floor. The Chakra system creates a perfect integration with the other furnishings of the Sinetica Collection to give lif e to infinite solutions that make life even more “smart”.

Available from January 2017

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