Slalom ECOSTRONG | Decorative acoustical panel

Trevira® CS decorative acoustical panel

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Arcore, Italy
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ECOSTRONG | Decorative acoustical panel


Trevira® CS decorative acoustical panel


Trevira® CS

Acoustic system - Our soundabsorbent panels enhance concentration, productivity, both physical and psychological well-being. Correct and feel the acoustic comfort around you with our colourful range.

ECOstrong is not only a sound-absorbent thermoformed panel, but much more!  This product allows projects of different scales, from the element to the system.  ECOstrong implement acoustic from wall and ceiling fronts, thanks to its simple application through magnets or suckers, or even from freestanding in colorful totem version.  In case of open space? ECOstrong becomes an element of a modular system, which allows to create workstations and separators. Its 3D-looking, is pleasant and guarantee high acoustic performance. ECOstrong, like all the panels of the ECOline range, is extremely lightweight and suitable to any type of environment in which you want to reach the acoustic comfort.

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Acoustic system Collection by Slalom
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