Slalom ECOWALL | Hanging acoustical panel

Trevira® CS hanging acoustical panel

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Arcore, Italy
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ECOWALL | Hanging acoustical panel


Trevira® CS hanging acoustical panel


Trevira® CS

Acoustic system - Our soundabsorbent panels enhance concentration, productivity, both physical and psychological well-being. Correct and feel the acoustic comfort around you with our colourful range.

Ecowall is a colorful and light panel which corrects the acoustic from wall and ceiling, maintaining the concept and freedom of any space,  adding some a special material feeling . Ecowall can be distributed in any space in a spread out manner or can form uniform surfaces.  If hung from the ceiling, the panel creates a nice and special layout, able to exploit not only the acoustic performance but modify the refraction of sound waves. Ecowall fits harmoniously into spaces of varying functions, such as offices, restaurants, homes, hospitals, gyms and wherever you want to reach the acoustic comfort  The different finishes of colors and materials make you find your perfect panel for your space.

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Acoustic system Collection by Slalom
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