Snaidero OLA 20 | Kitchen with peninsula

Fitted kitchen with peninsula

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Majano, Italy
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OLA 20 | Kitchen with peninsula


Fitted kitchen with peninsula

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To mark 25 years of collaboration, Edi Snaidero and Paolo Pininfarina have decided to celebrate this anniversary through a homage to lovers of Excellent Design, simultaneously exclusive and tailor-made. The result is a ‘‘Limited Edition’’ of the iconic model: OLA 25. An even more exclusive andrefined version, available in 84 unique components, the age of Pininfarina, and dedicated to customers who love tailored style for their kitchen, making it an expression of their own personality and the relationship with their own home.
CLASSIC, UNPRECEDENTED AND AUDACIOUS are the three words which best describe the attitude to take in creating a "tailor-made" OLA25. Brimming with the values Snaidero and Pininfarina have always shared: innovation, elegance and passion.

Ola 20 is a project expressing the need of changing the domestic space. A new aesthetic dimension, a new design awareness. An 'in progress' proposal, an extraordinary modularity The development of a new principle: a real work in progress. Creativity and innovation, emotion and functional rigours: Ola's evolution over its twenty years history testifies the development of the most advanced aspects of scientific and engineering research, with the aesthetic dimension of a product bound to accompany our life, everyday. Through an elegant and essential style, its unique design has always placed man, his needs and daily experiences in the middle of its pianning philosophy Ola 20 picks new challenges, offering new solutions for everyday contemporary life's needs, with a fair language and a soft and reassuring sign. A new response to our complex times.

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20 YEARS OF HISTORY. Creativity and technical innovation, emotion and functional rigour. These have been the centerpieces in the evolution of “Ola” in the first twenty years of its history. A history that has seen the most advanced aspects of scientific and engineering research combined with the aesthetic dimension which is peculiar to a product bound to functionally mark the rhythms of everyday life. After twenty years, Ola20 revives that inspired idea and, cleverly renovating itself, offers once again the most appropriate, concrete and innovative answers to the most up to date and contemporary style and life needs of these days. Presenting itself with its subtle and distinctive formal structure, characterized by a soft and reassuring way of designing, Ola20 offers a direct and linear answer to the complexity of our times.

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND AESTHETIC RESEARCH. The hanging croupier, available in sizes from 120 to 180 cm, keeps its original dome, with a softer design, but with a strong aesthetic impact. Its technological contents are important: they hide behind this solution featuring two shells in very lightweight, resistant and solid thermoformed composite material.

A PENINSULA OF HAPPINESS, CONVIVIAL. With the contemporary evolution of the domestic space, the kitchen setting flexibly relates to the living. Ola20 discloses the whole elegant softness of its worktop, wisely drawing a space which is intelligent and convivial. The refined support element is handmade, in laminated and shaped wood, with a design that clearly shows Pininfarina's unmistakable way of designing. The various composition possibilities allow you to freely plan, letting you be the protagonist of each choice. Therefore, you will be able to use islands and peninsulas, to design your open and functional setting, to be shared in full harmony with the living.

cucina moderna ola 20  cucina moderna ola 20  cucina moderna ola 20

LIGHT: TECHNOLOGY WORKING FOR THE QUALITY OF ‘LIVING’ A KITCHEN. As regards the lighting system, Ola20 adopted a solution based on low-energy-consumption leds, that are built-in the hanging elements – inside and below – and inside bases and cupboards, with an excellent result in terms of homogeneous light shade and colour.

  cucina moderna ola 20

INTERIORS: ORGANISATION, CUSTOMISATION AND GOOD SENSATIONS. In order to ensure top space organisation, Ola20 foresees two ranges of interiors which to choose between: Natural and Elegance. The former presents drawers and baskets equipped with steel sides covered with white-shaded varnishes, as well as a bottom in light ash finish. The second features drawers and baskets with stainless steel sides, equipped with bottom in dark ash finish. Both solutions can be fully removed to offer top comfort.

Laccati micalizzati

MICALIZED VARNISH: SUSTAINABLE, SOBER AND FUNCTIONAL. Ola20, with its bent for research and experimentation, brings a new technology into the kitchen, that is typically derived from the automotive world: micalized lacquering. This innovative lacquering is got by using mica as a reflecting agent, i.e. a mineral that, mixed with varnish, creates a brightness that is very different from the one of the simple metallised effect. The effect is actually less reflecting  and more transparent, so better-defined and smarter colourings are obtained. Last but not least, doors and the different compositional elements are much less sensitive to footprints and fingerprints and thus, they can be more easily cleaned.

RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FUTURE. Responsibility and environmental sustainability are among the main principles on which the design planning of Ola20 is based. Micalized lacquer, for example, uses water paints, whereas its drum makes use of low emission frames, that is, with formaldehyde emissions reduced to less than half of the European standard. Besides, for the lighting, a solution based on low energy, built-in LEDs, placed under the wall units and inside the cabinets, was adopted. With an excellent result in terms of homogeneity of shade and colour of the light.

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