Photovoltaic roof tile

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Photovoltaic roof tile

The SOLARTEG® solar roof tile is a new technology solution, a construction element (for roof covering, sun shading, ) + an energy generation component (photovoltaic panel) = a solar roof (SOLARTEG® licensed patent for Italy, Europe and RoW).

Our solar roof is an efficient roof and it is really easy and quick to install because photovoltaic solar tiles GTFV connect smoothly as Lego bricks do. They are safer than traditional photovoltaic panels thanks to the patent of the integrated electrical connector that do not require electrical cables. They do not meet issues of maintenance and the cost is competitive. Tiles red-brick colour are already available on the market and we are developing the slate-like ones.
The Company, innovative start-up, after two years of studying research and development, produces and commercialize since 2015 a made-in-Italy product with innovative features in the following aspects:

DESIGN: the frame in thermosetting resin (SMC) is shaped in order to reproduce, on an enlarged scale, the shape of traditional roof, for  an architectural integration respecting the strictest landscape or architectural regulations/laws.
COLOUR: the red cells, fully customizable, inserted in the baked-coloured frame, create a chromatic effect that is similar to the one on tile roofs.
CONNECTOR: the GTFV are electrically connected to each other thanks to a contact (cable-less) patented connector, which provides quick and simple installation on the roof.
STRUCTURE: the structure and the material give the GTFV very high mechanical strength. The GTFV is walkable and resistant to snow and accidental loads and it does not deform in case of freeze/thaw cycles. This product is guaranteed 25 years on manufacturing flaws

10 solar tiles ≅ 1kwatt ≅ 8sq.m

Further info from manufacturer on SOLARTEG® GTFV100

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