Aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers

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Aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers



The SOLISYSTEME adjustable-blade pergola is a patented terrace covering that combines form and function :
Its "bioclimatic" technology offers protection and optimizes your living space by allowing you to adjust to the sun, to create refreshing ventilation when it’s hot or even to shelter from more extreme elements (rain, snow and wind).
Perfect compromise between the blind and the porch, the aluminium louvers turn very simply, manually, or with a remote control.
Our pergola designs are clean, classic and timeless. Because we make them to measure, because they are simple and because we have been continually improving the design for over 15 years, our pergolas are also super-reliable and require minimal maintenance.
The whole system is composed of individual blades, like Venetian blinds. In the closed position, the blades fit together within a dedicated guttering to make a shelter from the rain and when the blades are parallel to your building’s facade - the bioclimatic pergola concept really begins to makes sense ...
The SOLISYSTEME pergola is four key functions in one product :
Protection :
Protects from harmful sunlight and offers complete cover from poor weather conditions 
Ventilation :
Provides ventilation to prevent hothouse heat buildup whilst retaining shade ;
Temperature Control :
Regulates the temperature of adjoining rooms by controlling sunlight intensity and direction ;
Brightness :
Adjusts the intensity of daylight to enable enjoyment of low-light hours.

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