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Aluminium heavy duty ladder

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Brembate di Sopra, Italy
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Aluminium heavy duty ladder

Ladder with integrated rail for anchoring the operator through the trolley in order to avoid both the fall by tilting (to the outside) and, vertical fall. In this way, dconersely from the ladder with safety cage, the operator is protected from all possible falls and from possible impacts against the cage itself, which makes rescue operations exceedingly difficult.
With the SafeladderR integrated rail step ladder, the operator can safely move up and down the ladder because he is connected with a harness to the slider trolley equipped with energy absorber that follows the movement of the operator and intervenes by latching, in the case of slipping.
The ladder is approved for 2 or more operators provided they are at a distance of 7 m from one another.
SafeladderR is available in different lengths and with no height limit, provided a resting landing is set at least every 15 m or according to customer’s requirements.
The different types of supports available allow for ladder installation both on metal structures and on reinforced concrete walls.

Further info from manufacturer on SAFELADDER®

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