Stonex S8 PLUS

Instrumentation for satellite remote sensing

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Lissone, Italy
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Instrumentation for satellite remote sensing

Staking out a new road, collecting 3D points for a volume calculation, establishing a boundary for a cadastral job … just some of the scenarios where a STONEX S8 Plus is your perfect partner for your daily surveying job. Its seamless data flow, even in environments where other GPSs do not give any precise response, makes any job a safe and pleasant activity. STONEX S8 Plus integrated GPS receiver tracks all the present GNSS constellations and satellite signals – GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO – and the on line upgradable firmware offers the opportunity to be day by day updated with the latest available features. The ‘all in one’ case holds a fully complete topographic and communications equipment, able to simultaneously manage signals from 60 satellites on 2  frequencies, correction       signals from a GPS network or from a base GPS, and to send the precise positioning data to an external Bluetooth™ controller. STONEX S8 Plus boasts a 120 channels GNSS, four constellations board with accurate and quick satellite fixing, an UHF, 2W internal transmitting and receiving radiomodem, a GSM 3G  WCDMA modem to receive GPS network differential correction (VRS, FKP, etc.) and a Bluetooth™ device for completely cable-free operations. S8 Plus GNSS can work as Base, transmitting to one or more Rovers, and as GPS network Rover: the complete set of communications options give you a completely free operating choice from the  beginning, no after sale options are requested.

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