Stonex S9 III PLUS

Instrumentation for satellite remote sensing

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Instrumentation for satellite remote sensing

S9 III PLUS GNSS is the result of the continuous evolution of the STONEX GPS integrated receivers. Featuring a new, high accuracy multi constellation antenna, a powerful UHF transmitter and the GSM 3G WCDMA modem, for a fully integrated communications choice, combined with a light and modern design, STONEX S9 III PLUS improves the field. Fully complete are not just words: no options are available for S9 III PLUS GNSS, that combines an embedded 220 channels GNSS board, accurate and fast in satellite fixing, UHF radiomodem, 3G GSM modem for GPS network connections, Bluetooth™ device for completely cable-free operations. S9 III PLUS GNSS can work as Base, transmitting to one or more Rovers, and as GPS network Rover: the complete set of communications options give you a completely free operating choice from the beginning, no after sale options are requested. The integrated UHF transmitting and receiving radiomodem, with output power up to 2W, makes S9 III PLUS a powerful source of GPS corrections: constructions sites, cadastral and land survey, marine and hydrographic applications, take a big advantage using one high accuracy transmitting GPS, combined with Rovers. Moreover, S9III PLUS is compatible with several GPSs: Satel and TRIMTALK 450S are just some examples of the supported protocols. And where a GPS Network is available, S9 III PLUS is the perfect rover, using the 3G integrated modem.The IP67 certification guarantee the maximum strength and the best water/dust-tight.

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