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Crystal spotlight with Swarovski crystals

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Triesen, Liechtenstein
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Crystal spotlight with Swarovski crystals

Octa is based on a geometric form of ancient origins: the platonic solid of the octahedron, which, like all platonic solids, is perfectly symmetrical. Even more astounding are the fascinating reflections of these sleek luminaires – even the shape of the crystal itself seems to change with the viewing perspective, eye catching through the resulting interplay, as well as through its brilliance. The eight facets of the double pyramid are arranged to create a powerful light display on ceilings or walls, while the luminaires also emit functional light. Its warm halogen light illuminates rooms pleasantly and evenly. As a ceiling luminaire, Octa is excellently suited for the general lighting of living and dining rooms furnished in a contemporary style. As a pendant luminaire, it is ideal for use above tables or bars.

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