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Exercise bike


Biomechanics combined with attention to the smallest of details. Personalised entertainment thanks to the UNITY cardio console. Specific features of our professional gym equipment used in the best locations: all wrapped up in an impeccable design by Antonio Citterio
Recline Personal is the recline bike that allows you to perform safe, effective cardiovascular training at home in inspiring Italian design.
Ergonomic seat and pedals, elegant finishes and materials, user-friendly controls, multimedia functions: Recline Personal combines many features to help you move in a fun, comfortable way.
Suitable for the home environment and tourist facilities, it's a true complement to your interior design. Nice to look at and useful for staying in shape effortlessly.

Further info from manufacturer on RECLINE PERSONAL UNITY
Further details
What training purposes is it used for?

Recline Personal is the perfect choice for those who wish to stay mobile by carrying out moderate and safe cardiovascular activity.

Easy to use and mount, it is the ideal solution for those who want to train at home as if they were in the gym and stay in shape without unduly straining the back or joints.

What are the characteristics of Recline Personal?
The beauty of Made in Italy, in a small space

Elegant colours and lines paired with carefully combined glass and aluminium make Recline Personal an icon of Made in Italy design, in line with the refined aesthetics of the other components in the Personal line.

Thanks to the genius of Antonio Citterio and his team’s experience in designing Vitra seats, this beautiful recline bike can be displayed and used anywhere: in the living room, bedroom, office, gym or in a working environment.

UNITY display for a motivating training session

With the UNITY interface, developed on an Android platform, you can browse the Internet and do your favourite things while you train. Visit your favourite websites, watch TV and relax with entertaining games. And these are only some of what you can do while you train.

On UNITY you can simulate outdoor routes, link up with your friends or trainer via Skype and even share a photo of your training session using the Selfie App. The Plex App allows you to connect the UNITY display with your other devices to access your favourite films, images and music on the console.

A seat that's as comfortable as an arm chair

Thanks to a collaboration with Vitra, a company specializing in interior design, a new seat is born.

Breathable, comfortable and ergonomic, it's designed to adapt to your body, help you maintain the right posture and experience the entire movement comfortably, as if you were sitting in an armchair.

Easy to use for a simple workout with no interruptions

Every adjustment setting is designed to be within easy reach, ensuring that your posture is not compromised and that you are not obliged to stop to make adjustments during your training.

The touch button for turning Recline Personal on and off is located in a highly visible and accessible position in front of you.

What's the workout like
To guarantee maximum safety and offer you a training session similar to that experienced in the gym, Recline Personal has adopted several of the functions that are characteristic of Excite®+, the commercial cardiovascular training line for gyms.
Comfort and safety are ensured by:
• The seat, display and pedals: three ergonomic elements
• The specific position of the UNITY display has been scientifically and biomechanically researched to assist you in naturally assuming the correct position, reducing the movement of the head and eyes to a minimum.
• The Vitra seat can not only be adjusted to tilt back and forth, but is also height adjustable, enabling you to find the right position for your body and to always ensure proper back support.
Adjustments close to you

Thanks to the Fast Track Control™ system, the buttons you use to adjust the intensity of your workout are located on the grips, so you can change the parameters of your workout without stopping or changing position.

Low crossbar = no problem with access

Thanks to the Wide Walk Through system, which consists of a low crossbar, the broad opening between the seat and the pedals gives you easy access to the machine and lets you move from one side to the other without trouble, whatever your height and weight.

Comfortable pedals and central handlebar

The broad Quick & Easy pedals can be adjusted using simple, intuitive straps. The closure system, similar to that used for snowboard boots, lets you pedal even more stably.

If you want greater stability during the movement, the central handlebar offers an additional support for better accessibility and an even more comfortable position during the movement.

Safety with constant monitoring of your heart rate

Recline Personal also features Hand Sensors, which are small plaques located on the handles that let you keep your heart rate under control.

Personal Line Collection by Technogym
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