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Floor slab connector

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Old timber floors often need strengthening and stiffening as they were designed to bear moderate loads and almost always suffer from excessive deflections with respect to current requirements. To be sufficiently strong and stiff, new timber floors must be made with higher beams. In both cases, it is possible to lay a thin concrete slab, adequately reinforced and connected, over the existing structure either to strengthen and stiffen existing timber floors or to allow lower beams to be used to build new floors. The connector can also be used to build roofs.
The interposition of TECNARIA dowel and crampon connectors between the timber beams and the concrete slab allows the two materials to collaborate with each other. The result is structurally efficient structure in which, due to the vertical loads applied, the concrete is mainly under compression and the timber mainly under tension. The composite timber-concrete structure will therefore result stronger and stiffer than a simple timber structure. Dynamic behaviour (vibrations) and sound insulation levels are also greatly improved.
 The addition of a concrete slab is an excellent technical solution in masonry buildings located in seismic areas, since it enables load bearing walls to be connected to each other through a rigid floor capable of evenly distributing horizontal seismic forces. 

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Voce di capitolato: connettore a piolo composto da una piastra di base 50 X 50 X 4 mm, modellata a ramponi, avente due fori atti al passaggio di due viti tirafondi Ø 8 mm, con sottotesta tronco-conico, gambo in acciaio zincato Ø 12 mm, unito alla piastra tramite ricalco a freddo. Altezze gambo disponibili: 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 105, 125, 150, 175 e 200 mm. Lunghezza viti disponibili: 70, 100 e 120 mm

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