Floor slab connector

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Floor slab connector

The construction of composite steel/concrete structures offers remarkable static and economic advantages. The load-bearing steel structure and the overlying concrete cast, suitably tied to each other by means of connectors, guarantee the static unity of the two different materials while enabling them to express their individual characteristics.
The most evident advantages are the reduced weight of the steel structures, the lower total height of the floors, greater flexural rigidity and higher fire resistance.
The headed stud connector, welded to the beam, is the commonly adopted solution for the shear connection in composite steel/concrete structures.
In order to overcome the application difficulties associated with the welding of the studs, TECNARIA has developed a new system that consists of cold fastening the connectors using special nails. The connector consists of a headed stud inserted in a suitably shaped and stiffened base plate. Two cold-fastening nails, made of highly resistant material, passing through the plate, ensure the rigid fastening of the connector to the steel beam. The nails arepunched in the means of a powder-actuated tool.

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Connettore Diapason
Voce di capitolato: Staffa di connessione stampata, in lamiera zincata spessore 3 mm. Dimensione piatto di base nervato 70x55 mm avente due ali inclinate da 55x100 mm / 55x125 mm.
Sagomata per l’impiego su vari tipi di lamiera e predisposta a ricevere barre di rinforzo. Fissata alla struttura mediante 4 chiodi ad alta resistenza.

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