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Mixed steel-concrete beam and column

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Noventa di Piave, Italy
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Mixed steel-concrete beam and column

Evolved self-supporting structures made of steel and concrete, NPS® SYSTEM is a high performance new generation construction technology which also has high seismic resistance. Created by Tecnostrutture. A complete prefabricated construction technology that combines all the structural elements of a construction in a single solution: beam, column and floor. A complete, innovative, safe, high-performing, eco-friendly and CE and EN 1090 certified response, as required by the most recent EU regulation on the performance characteristics of the structural steel components. Hence, Tecnostrutture was the first to certify its production in February 2012.The NPS® System is a complete and flexible modular system built of horizontal structures - NPS® Beams and NPS® Ceiling - and vertical structures - PDTI® NPS® , PTC® NPS®, and BASIC® NPS® Columns, and NPS® WALL. The completely self-supported elements, produced at the plant, are mounted at the site, eliminating the need for formwork and temporary shoring.The composite steel-concrete product, after the cast is complete, gives rise to a mixed structure with features that adhere to the required performance level, responding to construction Standards in seismic zones as required by NTC 2008 and Eurocode 4.

NPS® PREDALLES - It is the right solution for bridges, offices and industrial building as well as for hospitals or multi-storey car parks. It joints a beam with concrete footing without downstanding and a filigree slab offering fire resistance up to 120 minutes. This version can be realized with steel PDTI® column as well as with PTC® spun concrete pillar. NPSPREDALLES ensures the highest design freedom, fitting every shape need. It can also accomodate wiring.

Further details
▪ Slim sections
▪ Reduced thickness
▪ Beam-slab without downstanding
▪ Suitable for wiring
▪ Suitable for drawing needs
▪ Self-supporting for spans up to 4 m
▪ Fire resistant R120’
▪ Seismic resistant
▪ Easy and fast placement
▪ Safety on the construction site
Areas of use
▪ Offices and Shops
▪ Industry
▪ Highrise buildings
▪ Hospitals
▪ Multi-storey car parks
▪ Infrastructures/Bridges

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