Deep penetrating sealer

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Deep penetrating sealer

DPS prolongs the life of concrete structures protecting them from the elements to which they are exposed daily such as rain, salts, oils and chemicals. DPS is a unique, non-toxic, water-based sealer that penetrates the concrete, seals it and makes it completely waterproof, it strengthens, hardens and preserves it. DPS also works as a primer for concrete surfaces to be painted, it is a plastic and hygrometric anti-shrinkage and blocks rising damp, avoiding blistering on painted and resinated surfaces.
EVERCEM DPS is a waterproofing against concrete deterioration that can be used on new and old concrete, wet or dry, and on industrial floors.

According to U.S. testing laboratories, the interior of a piece of concrete contains a minimum of 360 times the amount of alkali as compared to the surface area. EVERCEM DPS is not just a superficial coverage because, by penetrating the concrete up to 35-40 mm, it reacts chemically with alkalis, becoming an integral part of it. To reach this result, you have to apply two crosswise coats of EVERCEM DPS only once (as indicated by the application procedures). Most other sealant applications are surface treatments and, by their own chemical compositions, will react negatively with the moisture and alkali in the concrete and soon peel off or leach out.
Vehicular or pedestrian traffic, though causing the deterioration of surface sealers, which are worn out in a few weeks due to physical abrasion leaving the concrete without protection, does not affect the action of EVERCEM DPS which, thanks to its special formulation, penetrates in depth in the concrete and, reacting with the alkali present in its interior, is not subject to deterioration, but gives the concrete a permanent waterproofing.

Further details
• Concrete waterproofing;
• Carbonation blocking;
• Protection of reinforcing rods;
• Reduction of salt efflorescence;
• It is certified for use in contact with potable water;
• It is suitable for waterproofing and protecting concrete tanks and surfaces used for foodstuff;
• It is permanent;
• It increases the hardness and strength of the concrete surface;
• It allows the concrete to breathe;
• It can be used on dry or damp surfaces;
• It decreases the formation of dirt on concrete;
• It improves adhesiveness for further finishing work;
• It protects concrete from chemical attacks;
• Applied on slabs and foundations, it blocks rising damp;
• It prevents the penetration of pollutants into the concrete and the release of dust;
• It's an anti-dusting agent;
• When applied to fresh concrete (as soon as the formwork is taken off), it acts as a plastic and hygrometric anti-shrinkage agent;
• It's non-toxic, colourless and odourless.
How to apply
Prepare the surface to be treated carefully. Fill in any imperfections of the pour (gravel nests). Seal and caulk any cracks well (such as metallic spacers of wooden formwork) with a mortar made from Portland cement.
The concrete surface must be perfectly clean, degreased, decontaminated by release agents, oils or other substances that can prevent the penetration of the product.

• Shake EVERCEM DPS before use;
• Apply EVERCEM DPS freely with a low pressure manual or mechanical pump (maximum 5 bar), roller or brush with two crosswise coats;
• Apply the first coat up to saturation and wait for it to dry before applying the second;
• On vertical walls, apply EVERCEM DPS starting from the bottom upwards;
• On horizontal surfaces, always apply EVERCEM DPS with two crosswise coats;
• Maturation takes place in about 30 days, but the surface is ready after a few hours. Retaining walls can be buried after 12 hours, while floors are walkable after a few hours. If the floor or the treated wall is going to be painted or resinated, wait 15 to 21 days before the next treatment;
• EVERCEM DPS is designed to fill and seal visible cracks. It is ineffective on cold joints (in the casting) which must be waterproofed with bentonite or waterstop;
• Do not apply to glass, glazed surfaces or aluminium as etching will occur. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
Technical data
Form: Colourless liquid
Flash point: Non flammable
Specific gravity range : 1.094
Odour: None
Solubility in water: Complete
Toxicity: Non-toxic
Diluent: Water - Do not dilute absolutely - Ready to use
Packaging: In 10 and 20 litre containers.

Evercem® Collection by TECNOVA GROUP®
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