Electro-physical Drying System

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Electro-physical Drying System

Genie is a revolutionary 100% guaranteed electrophysical wall dehumidifying system with "Multifrequency Impulse Resonance" technology. Small dimensions for a minimal footprint and an attractive design.
The particular design and the size of our machines allow installation even within or behind furniture.
With its spherical action, Genie is able to dehumidifysurfaces ranging from 100 m2 right up to 5000 m2 by means of a repeater system.

Genie, with "Multifrequency Impulse Resonance" technology, is the most advanced and effective electrophysical masonry dehumidification system. It is able to activate a complete and definitive dehumidification process. Generates a train of impulses that resonate in the damp walls and, by acting on the overall electrostatic charge, lower the "zero potential line" (the maximum height reached by moisture in the wall, where the potential lift equals the force of gravity ), on all types of material constituting the building structure.
Genie acts exclusively in the walls, opposing attraction between the capillary pores of the masonry and the water molecules (dipoles), thus neutralising the strength of rising damp in masonry structures. Its action is followed by an effective and permanent drying of walls.

Further info from manufacturer on GENIÉ LIGHT 300
Further details
Genié Basic - Operating range: 6 m
Genié Light 100 - Operating range: 10 m
Genié Light 200 - Operating range: 12 m
Genié Light 300 - Operating range: 15 m
Genié Light 400 - Operating range: 20 m
Genié operating range
Genie exerts a spherical action and is usually installed in a central position with respect to the areas to be dehumidified.
Genie is absolutely harmless
The electromagnetic field generated by Genie inside the masonry does not interfere at all with living beings or other electrical devices.
The magnetic induction generated by Genie is lower than that of a light bulb.
How to install
On-site inspection: when required, one of our technicians checks the presence of rising damp and possible contributing causes.
Design and quotation: we provide the user a dehumidification project and a cost quotation.
Installation: it is fixed to the wall at about 2.20 m high with four simple screw anchors (necessary equipment: drill and Phillips screwdriver). Then it is connected to a common 220 volts outlet.
Monitoring: we monitor the equipment and the building with the CM method and thermography.
Expertise for the definitive rehabilitation: Tecnova Group has developed the know-how and solutions to ensure the customer complete renovation of the building.

Genié® Light Collection by TECNOVA GROUP®
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