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Tecsit System®UNI TOP COAT ®

Waterproofing product for sustainable building

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Tecsit System®

Arquata Scrivia, Italy
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Waterproofing product for sustainable building

ClimateCooler Uni Topcoat is a special paint coating used on all types of coverage such as asbestos cement, concrete tiles, clay tiles, sheet metal, bituminous, etc. .. The product, made possible thanks to the most advanced science in the field of nano-technology, is produced with innovative methods that are revolutionizing the world of paint from the roof. With an elasticity of 200%, Climate Cooler Top Coat Uni, has in its composition, solar reflective special molecules, pigments thermostable, heat-resistant binders, additives, UV stabilizers that allow the extraordinary product to repel UV rays and IR rays of the sun by reducing the absorption of heat of the building by about 40% and lowering the temperature of the roof of 20/25° C. ClimateCooler is the maximum roof protection against sun, rain, frost and prolongs the life of the roof of many years. Moreover, you can also avoid unnecessary thermal stress. Always perform the test application for the product surface and compatibility.

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