Photocatalytic bitumen roof shingle

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Vittorio Veneto, Italy
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Photocatalytic bitumen roof shingle

ACTI ROOF shingles from Tegola Canadese have special photocatalytic granules covered with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2): this substance is activated by the UV radiation of the sun and triggers a process of oxidization that transforms pollutants (NO, NOX , CO etc.), which come into contact with the surface of the roof, into salts (nitrates and carbonates) which are then washed off the roof by rain water. These salts are non-toxic and are the same that we find in all water bottles on the market, with average concentrations much lower than the limits imposed by law for drinking water. The photocatalytic ACTI ROOF shingles are a perfect solution for roofs as, in addition to their waterproofing and aesthetical characteristics, they provide the following additional benefits: Anti-pollution: they transform pollutants into non-toxic salts; Self-cleaning: they hinder the persistence of dirty substances on the roof thanks to the presence of Titanium Dioxide on the surface of granules; Antibacterial: they have antifungal properties and reduce the presence of bacteria and algae that may be present on the roofs in some particular cases. The granules of the ACTI ROOF shingles are tested according to UNI 11247.

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