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Mixer and transporter

Bunker's concrete screw pumps were designed to pump grain size up to 25 mm. You will pump lightweight concrete and polystyrene concrete. Particularly adapted to spray traditional or fibre-reinforced mortars, cement or anhydrite-based self-levelling floor screeds, self-compacting concrete. You could also spray plaster and wet sprayed concrete (until 8 mm) and inject cement grout and bentonite into piles and anchors.

Made by Bunker, the world's smallest concrete pump with rotor-stator system. All hydraulic drive with gradual output and pressure control. The unique alternative to much more expensive and difficult to manoeuvre machines. Mortar and concrete with aggregates up to 25 mm, you can spray plaster and concrete, inject micro-piles and ties. The B100's defining feature is the innovative separation of the power pack and pump. Flexible hoses with quick couplings connect the power pack and the pump. The feature enables the pump to be powered remotely even from long distances. This practical configuration makes the B100 both compact and light, facilitating transport and positioning in difficult to access building sites, town centers, slopes, etc. With its 18.5 kW and 60 litres oil output, it can safely operate not only the B100, but some hydraulic tools as well : drills, augers, and saws. Should you already possess an adequate source of hydraulic power such as an excavator with hydraulic power takeoff, then the pump may be driven from that source thus saving on the cost of the power pack. 

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