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Mixer and transporter

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Casandrino, Italy
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Mixer and transporter

The CLB18 is an innovative screw pump for self-levelling screeds designed by Bunker to satisfy modern floor layers’ requests. Its theoretical output is 300 l/min and its maximum pumpable grain size is 16 mm, the CLB18 ensures high productivity and safety pumping easily at amazing distances. It pumps and sprays: cement-based or anhydrite-based self-levelling floor screed, mortar, light concrete with polystyrene, self-compacting concrete, fluid fibre-reinforced concrete, wet sprayed concrete. Its small dimensions and its weight under 750 kg allow you a safe towing on roads and motorways even at 120 km/h and facilitates on-site positioning. With its resistant Alko tow bar, you'll tow it easily even at high speed.

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