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Mixer and transporter

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Casandrino, Italy
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Tragen B250


Mixer and transporter

Once it was necessary to use cement mixers, wheel barrows, cranes or other types of lifting machinery to mix and transport floor screed. This meant low productivity and hard labour. Since more than twenty years Bunker has developed and produced floor screed mixer-transporters. By using this machine one saves both time and money. You always need floor screed conveyors characterized by extreme mobility that guarantee maximum reliability in constantly conveying the necessary materials. The conveyors running and maintenance costs must be low, they must be long-lasting and operate according to the relative safety and enviromental laws. The Tragen B250 EB is the right response to the needs of the modern days building site. It is equipped with a scraping device and loading skip which ensure high productivity. The 4000 liter compressor permits the mixing and pumping of approximately 30 m3 of material in one day to a height of 80 m within a range of 180 m. The most varied mixes and floor screed materials can be used today in modern construction: pure and bound expanded claypoly, styrene, cork, gravel, normal and fine concrete with a maximum grain size of 16 mmlight concrete and sand, It is not necessary to move the machinery around, even on the biggest building sites, everything is simple.

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