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Casandrino, Italy
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S8 Smart


Plastering machine

BUNKER proves once again to pay close attention to the markets' evolution. Its new S8 SMART confirms in fact just how much care it dedicated to listening to the markets' new needs by creating an innovative plastering machine of undeniable interest, which contributes to the satisfaction and the convenience of its users. The idea of designing it with a dual power source, by equipping it with its own electricity generator, makes it completely autonomous. This completely frees the users of problems tied to electric power supply. The S8 Smart is also capable of providing the power required for operating a cement mixer, a drill, halogene lamp etc. Capable of comfortably responding to the multiple requirements of the modern construction site, it can be used both in the construction of new buildings as well as restoration work. Its minimal bulk as well as a contained weight allow for a facilitated transport and on-site re-positioning. Compared with other screw-pump plastering machines, the S8 SMART rotates at a much lower rate, increasing remarkably the component life, thus slashing maintenance costs. Another factor not to be under-estimated is the fact that the S8 SMART is the only pump of its category capable of pumping grain sizes of up to 10mm (0.393 In). Thanks to the high grain size and the variable flow rate it is possible to pump, spray and inject: Traditional plasters, both for indoors and outdoors, Pre-mixed plasters, both for indoors and outdoors, Special plasters,ecc..

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