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Single-phase B30


Plastering machine

The single-phase B30 is a compact plastering machine, easy to use, it’s ideal to mix, pump and spray dry ready-mixed plasters continuously on internal and external walls. It can be used manuallywith bags or in automatic mode using silos.
Designed to work at 3 speeds, it can be used for a wide variety of materials: lime and cement based plasters, gypsum, anhydrite, insulating plasters, masonry mortar joint fi lling mortars, cement, and anhydrite based self-levelling screeds.
The single-phase B30 is the only plastering machine on the market with a Boxer membrane compressor that supplies up to 280 liters of air per minute. The compressor, being powered directly by the screw pump motor, allowed Bunker's technicians to eliminate an electric motor.Performances are similar to a three-phase machine.

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Further details
- Traditional or pre-mixed application of plaster and filling joints
- Injections of cement grouting
- Pumping mortar and isolating materials
A wide variety of accessories are supplied with the machine and increase its performances:
Stator and rotor
Mixing shaft
Spray gun and cleaning brush
Rubber nozzles D12 / D14
Sponge ball
T-wrench for cleaning shaft
Cleaning shaft
Cleaning connector DN35-geka
Water faucet connector
Control box key
Curved spatula
Water suction hose 5m
Conical rubber hose 35-25 15m
Geka water hose 40m
Geka air tubing 16m
Electric cable 3x4 mm 25m
Hopper extension
The hopper on the B30 can be equipped with an extension that will increase its capacity from 150 to 200 l.
Technical data
Easily to dismount
The single-phase B30 is easy to dismount into single parts and can be reassembled on the construction site by a single operator without any tool or effort. This solution makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.
Choosing the Bunker single-phase B30 means that you can count on a reliable machine built in compliance with the CEE directives ready to face a wide variety of difficult work. Thanks to the best components and strong frame painted with epoxy dust, the single-phase B30 is a durable high quality product.
Electric control box
The electric control box is ergonomic and well protected. Using a speed selector, the user can change the pumping speed so that it can work with different outputs.
Tools drawer
All small items can be stored in the drawer located under the machine. 

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