Weed control and mulching fabric

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Weed control and mulching fabric

Mulching is a common agricultural practice that is also used in gardens and domestic vegetable patches.
Without using chemicals, mulching prevents weeds from growing around cultivations.
TENAX has developed a wide range of synthetic tarpaulins, covers and non-woven fabrics that, when spread around the crops, keep moisture in the soil and provides a barrier to the light, thus preventing weed seeds to grow in the soil and deprive crops of nutrients.
For the non-woven fabrics it is important to cover with bark to prevent early degradation of the material, due to the sunlight rays.

Non–woven mulching fabricpermeable to water, air and fertilisers, it will prevent weeds from growing and avoid the use of herbicides.
Ideal in the garden for flowerbeds, it can also be used as soil stabilizer for creating new pathways.
Remember to always cover with gravel or bark, to avoid degradation by sun rays.

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Weed control and mulching Collection by TENAX
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