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Termal GroupSMART LINE DC | Multi-split air conditioner

Multi-split inverter air conditioner

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SMART LINE DC | Multi-split air conditioner
Multi-split inverter air conditioner

SMART LINE DC Inverter Hokkaido
Monosplit & multisplit heat pump solutions

The new SMART line air conditioners proposed by Hokkaido – a Termal Group Company -  have a simple and clean design that ensures an excellent harmony with the space they inhabit.
The models are real furnishing accessories whose aesthetic is guaranteed by the use of ‘total-white’ plastic ensuring minimum intrusiveness into your home.

 DC Inverter technology: the ultimate in comfort, quiet operation and reduced consumption up to 30% per year.
The single split and multi-split units of the SMART line make use of the DC Inverter technology. Thanks to it, the compressor always supplies the right power in regard to the indoor temperature, obtaining maximum efficiency as well as a considerable reduction in consumption. The indoor temperatures are constantly monitored ensuring the desired heating or cooling smoothly and quickly, with less stop/start cycles, thus obtaining a considerable energy saving.

Seasonal heating and cooling efficiency
The Hokkaido technology for energy saving guarantees high levels of seasonal efficiency in cooling and in heating, respectively, up to the classes A ++/A* .  Seasonal efficiency is a new way to classify products  for the heating and cooling based on their energy  efficiency throughout the year.
*  monosplit mode.

Technical features
Multisplit Performance Line DC Inverter is the series proposed by Hokkaido to cool and heat 2 rooms, ensuring low energy consumption and easy installation with a remarkable advantageous price. The wall mounted indoor units, in 3 capacities, are extremely silent, and guarantee the lowest energy consumption.

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