TEUCO I BORDI | Carrara marble bathtub

Asymmetric freestanding oval bathtub

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Montelupone, Italy
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I BORDI | Carrara marble bathtub


Asymmetric freestanding oval bathtub


Carrara marble


I Bordi is the new collection designed by Carlo Colombo for Teuco which, alongside Accademia, comprises the unprecedented Autoritratti range, the interpretation of a new classicism that has been restyled with a modern touch thanks to a sophisticated sensitivity of conception. 
Ever-changing like water and ineffable like desires, Autoritratti is a prestigious offering with a double soul, the faithful interpreter of every individual’s unique style and of the pleasure of customisation in a way that only a faithful self-portrait (autoritratto in Italian) can achieve.
Through its luxurious poetry yet at the same time in a way which is discreetly charming, Autoritratti tells a myriad tales, each one differing from the next, yet each with the common thread of their passion for beauty and simplicity. Taking its inspiration from the harmony and the proportions between its various shapes, the collection accompanies the spectator on a journey which begins with the selection of the most sought-after raw materials – from Carrara marble to Grey Stone, from Onyx to the ever-present Duralight® - via the selection of the most exclusive finishes. This is how the Autoritratti interpretations are conceived, genuine tailor-made masterpieces where Teuco design meets the best of Italian artisanal skill through combinations worthy of a heritage collection.

The I Bordi collection is the result of an attempt at giving an harmonic sense to the universal voice of material. The result is a wraparound space which is also strikingly simple, where the details are naturally inscribed in the material of its components - from Carrara marble and Stone Grey to the ultra-modern Duralight® - which blend in seamlessly with the most modern environments, giving them an unmistakable flair.
The story of I Bordi is a chiaroscuro one, of contrasting materials and colours, amid elemental shapes and opulent materials, for metropolitan flair in a happy balance between luxury and minimal design.
Duralight® and marble bathtubs
The oval bathtub imbues its surroundings with that primeval strength that only the rarest and most precious raw materials can convey. The light and dynamic equilibriums of I Bordi interact with the geometric and architectural elements to define an idea of a bathroom with a strong and highly contemporary personality, almost the expression of an outburst of ideas. Indeed, the distinguishing trait of the collection are the edges which stand out asymmetrically from the body of the material, in an apparently casual motion, enhancing the charm of the irregularity.
It is available in white Duralight®, in precious Carrara marble and Grey Stone and in the free-standing version as well as built-in recessed with protruding rim. 

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