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TEUCOSEASIDE 641 | Hot tub

Built-in hot tub for chromotherapy

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Montelupone, Italy
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SEASIDE 641 | Hot tub
Built-in hot tub for chromotherapy

Hydrospa Seaside 641 is a small, intimate, wonderful microcosm in which to lose yourselves to the embrace of your senses, designed to blend in seamlessly with the most stylish outdoor furnishings, in the garden, on your veranda or terrace, or even in confined spaces. The model is part of the Seaside project, which is a series of indoor and outdoor mini-pools that all share the appealing styling by designer Giovanna Talocci. Seaside 641 is small, but it is designed to afford all the well-being of Teuco know-how in the world of water. It is always full and ready for use, thanks to the efficient filtering and heating system, and it is super silent: indeed, it features Hydrosilence, the first and only silent whirlpool which does away with all artificial noise and lets you enjoy just the soothing natural sound of flowing water. For Seaside 641, just like the entire range of Teuco products, the optionals available offer maximum scalability. Starting with the extraordinary possibility of listening to music - even underwater - thanks to the Acoustic Panels Oyster®: invisible loudspeakers built into the structure, which distribute sound through the walls for total relaxation, where the music notes act as a backdrop to the harmonious sound of flowing water. In addition, the sound can be improved by adding an amplifier, a subwoofer and a stem with Bluetooth and AUX connection.

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