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THPG173077 | Rocker button light porcelain

Electrical socket

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Waltrop , Germany
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173077 | Rocker button light porcelain
Electrical socket

From the beginning of the electrical age and several decades to follow, the porcelain and ceramics industry was the most important provider of electrical technology: Casings, switch pieces and housings were made from this attractive material that, apart from its aesthetic qualities, has tangible technical benefits: it insulates and is extremely tough.

It is hard to understand why today’s porcelain material for electrical switch systems can generally only be found in industrial use. This fact can only be explained by the dominant business mentality “more, faster, cheaper”. The producers of technical porcelain - based primarily in the Bavarian Forest and in Thuringia - are desperately searching for new fields in which to apply their highly-developed skills. We have brought together a producer of electro-technical switches from Westphalia and a producer of electro-technical porcelain from Thuringia.

The result is this porcelain switch system what is now for more than ten years established on the market. It is both functional and pleasant in three ways: to the eye, to the touch and to the ear (thanks to the enjoyable “klack” sound of the rotary switch).

173077 - Rocker button light porcelain by THPG.

10 A, AC 250V. Porcelain central insert. Duroplast toggle with light symbol.

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Ø 8,2 cm

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