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TM Italia CucineD90 | Basalt kitchen

Basalt and oxidized steel kitchen

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TM Italia Cucine

Ascoli Piceno, Italy
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D90 | Basalt kitchen
Basalt and oxidized steel kitchen
Steel, Basalt

D90 - Modular kitchen system available in all TM Italia finishes. Doors and fronts may be 22 mm or 28 mm thick; they have a straight edge and require a handle or push-pull for opening. The wall units can be provided with a grip handle on the bottom structural panel.

A kitchen that combines the simplicity with the appeal of artisan workshops and charming spaces that are evocative of sophisticated lofts.
The kitchen consists of a single volume featuring metallic lacquered doors with an oxidized “cloudy” grey steel finish and a basalt stone top with built-in sink and induction stove. When open, the doors reveal the storage compartments and electrical appliances. The top was made with overlapping edges: the 4-centimeter thickness of the top is recessed and concealed by the doors, showing a perceived thickness of 1 centimetre from the front view. All the doors have been developed based on the D90 door concept, with handles inside. 
An open structure made from black iron with polished welding and knotted oak shelves contains the extraction system, in addition to providing pantry space. This completely open structure emphasizes the industrial nature of the setting and the rear wall has been painted slate.
The same wood used for the shelves has also been used to build the dining table that completes the project.

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