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Peccioli, Italy
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Wooden bar cabinet



Progetto 50 is a tribute to the genius of Tuscan Renaissance. It ‘s our contribution so that this art will always remain alive in our memories. It manifests itself in three unique pieces, dedicated to lovers of wines, cocktails and cigars. Three important works of art have been designed to complete the collection Progetto 50. Designed and manufactured in a workmanlike by Tuscan master artisans, these models show technical solutions and extremely accurate design. The tall units have externally inlays of great value and appeal made by the Institute of Art A Giovagnoli of Anghiari, according to ancient techniques of mathematical perspective developed by Brunelleschi in Florence in the fourteenth century. The mathematical perspective inlay is a technique directly related to the birth of centric linear perspective (commonly called “perspective”), developed by the Florentine architect Filippo Brunelleschi, between 1417 and 1420. The great revolution of perspective brought along with itself all the arts related to the painting, including the art of marquetry, which, like a painting, was enriched with nuances, lights and shadows. The perspective mathematical inlay soon became an incomparable art, the same that we have adopted to implement the fronts of our special furniture. A few thousand pieces of different woods for about 30 finishes for each unit, each of which proposes a subject inspired by the use of the tall unit. The three-dimensional effect of the scenario is breathtaking.

On the occasion of Eurocucina 2016, Toncelli suggests a new version of the Wine Column: a designer item that conceals the concept of a wineshop behind its two shutters. It features a wine cellar, the partitioning required for bottles, the tools required to open and taste wine and a handy removable shelf on which to place vintage wines. The shutters conceal this union of tradition and modernity; they subtly provide precious anticipations of the complex microcosm hidden behind them. The finishings of the shutters express the trademark features and philosophy of the company, including meticulous attention to detail, careful selection of materials and the importance of the territory in which the company operates.

Through a laborious inlay technique, the shutters of the new Wine Column to be presented at the Salone del Mobile reproduce the urban plan of fashion district in Milan that Toncelli has chosen as an exclusive location for its sales point. The artisanal juxtaposition of different kinds of wooden tassels - ebony, wenge, elm, poplar, myrtle and walnut - reflects the urban structure in which the showroom in Via dei Giardini 10 - which will officially open to the public on the occasion of Milan Design Week - is located. 

With great ability, Toncelli reinterprets the classic concept of spatial identity bringing to life a true work of art: thanks to the careful processing of the wood, this piece of furnishing explores this specific Milanese context and introduces the theme of the journey which will feature in the up-and-coming limited editions dedicated to the main cities of the world.

PROGETTO 50 Le Colonne Collection by TONCELLI CUCINE
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