Insulating pipe-hangers

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Insulating pipe-hangers

Whenever you need to secure a pipe in a cooling and air-conditioning plant there is always the risk of creating a so-called “thermal bridge”, i.e. a heat loss between the pipe and the bracket if these are allowed to come into direct contact. A thermal bridge not only reduces the efficiency of the thermal insulation of the pipe and thus the overall system performance, it can also lead to condensation in the cooling and air-conditioning plant with the risk of damage to the plant caused by the resulting water. It is therefore crucial that the brackets are provided with perfect insulation, and of the right thickness to guarantee the required thermal conductivity and vapour barriers established during design phase. ISO-HANGER pipe-hangers guarantee insulation of the entire plant due to the fact that they are taped to the insulated pipes making up the line, with planned fixing points, and thus meet the insulation properties required.

pipe-hangers is made of TROCELLEN CL1, chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam, that has been successfully used for more than forty years to create thermal insulation and soundproofing for pipes and ducts. Its main properties are:
• Closed cells
• Density: 100 kg/m3 (guaranteed high mechanical strength)
• Good vapour barrier
• Fire reaction: Class 1 according to Italian regulation
• CFC-free, does not contain fibers, asbestos, etc.
• Long duration, non-rusting, non-cracking, no loss in thermal resistance
• Moisture-proof
• Needs to be protected from direct sunlight if used outdoors.

ISO-HANGER pipe-hangers are produced by laminating several layers of Trocellen foam to create a sheet whose thickness thus becomes the width of the support. The supports are then cut from these sheets using ultra high pressure waterjet cutting. This makes for high precision shaping, including the internal slit that lets you wrap the insulation around the pipes and the special slot closure designed to minimize the risk of heat loss.
Other types available:
Insulating supports for pipes made with rigid PU, laminated with TROCELLEN CL1, thickness 10 mm and metalized film.

Further details
Thermal curve simulation of a partially insulated section of piping containing coolant at 7°C, showing temperature trend.
The environmental conditions mean the dew point=23°C: thermal bridging occurs on the non-insulated surface of the pipe, leading to condensation.
1. Place the ISO-HANGER around the pipe and apply some MATIBLOCK glue on both sides of the slot closure.
2. Close the insulating support, making sure the glued surfaces adhere perfectly.
3. The special profile of the slot closure helps you to align the surfaces properly so that the entire thickness of the insulation is exploited properly.
4. Fit the metal brackets. When tightening the screws, make sure that the thermal insulation is not crushed (to avoid reducing its insulating efficiency).
5. Seal the joints between the ISOCOMPACT pipe insulation and the ISO-HANGER using MATIBLOCK glue.

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