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TwilsComp. Set /08

Sectional sofa bed

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Cessalto, Italy
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Comp. Set /08
Sectional sofa bed

The range of seating in the SET system means you can decide the shape and size of your sofa, tailoring it to your needs. It means you can create new areas for relaxation anywhere in the home, whether in the centre of a room or in hitherto unexploited corners. You can also start by choosing the most suitable upholstery fabric, just as you would choose the material for a bespoke outfit. All this knowing that you can change the arrangement whenever you want, whether to satisfy different needs or a simple whim.

Twils’s dedication to ensuring sleep-quality is at its best in the SET system of arrangements with the bed taking centre stage. The soft padded backdrop in this case will be your headboard.

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