Full-body porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Fiorano Modenese, Italy
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Full-body porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Glazed stoneware, Full-body porcelain stoneware

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Lacquer or resins, like chemical polymers have been widely used in architecture in the past years, but it is only after the 90’s that their use has increased in the private and residential areas.
We’d like to add that it is not true that resins are indestructible; it is quite a resistant material, but being made with plastic components, it wears, scratches and becomes yellowish and old in time.
Then why not think about a product  that can combine the resins aesthetics to high technical features?
Lacche was inspired by these thoughts.
Lacche, a painted brush stroke that looks like resin, with the value of being a fullbody glazed porcelain which lasts in time and looks stunning.
Each plank has a different structure, rendering each piece unique.

This collection comes in 20x120cm rectified pieces. There are 8 glossy and 8 matt monochromatic colours to choose from. 
This material creates infinite possibilities for unique spaces. 
How about mixing the two finishes and the various colours to recall the balanced paintings of Mondrian or those of Frank Stella?
Lacche is a very versatile product that can also be combined with other materials, giving birth to very personalized interiors, with opposing characteristics from vintage to modern looks

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