Unical AG ALKON 140 EXT

Aluminum modular condensing modular unit

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Aluminum modular condensing modular unit



Condensing modular unit, both for indoor and outdoor installation IP X5D, with double premix Low NOx burner and double heat exchanger in Al/Si/Mg alloy, also for installation in battery
• Maximum water pressure: 6 bar  
• Logic of operation based on the power repartition on 2 units up to the minimum possible load (10,5+10,5 kW) for the obtainment of the maximum efficiency and turning off of an unit with operation in modulation of the second from around 20,5 kW up to 10,5 kW  
• Output 10,5 to 136 kW (model 140), and modulation ratio of 1:13  
• Two safety gas valve with constant air-gas ratio
• Two high delivery head fans with electronic speed control
• Radiating flame surface in “metallic sponge”.  
• Siphon on the condensates drain  
• Electrical predisposition for connection of additional safety devices  
• Predisposition for control with 0-10 Volt signal through BCM  
• Complete diagnostics of the functions with signaling of the possible blocks  
• Electric protection degree IP 20  
• Sliding temperature operation  
• NTC sensors for the control of flow and return temperature  
• Electronic ignition  
• Multilevel programming, visualization of parameters on LCD and e-Bus communication (HSCP)  
• Two high efficiency modulating pumps (one for each unit) with antifreeze, antijamming and over-run functions.
• Minimum installation water pressure switch  
• Differential pressure switch for water circulation control  
• Optional hydraulic groups including:  
- Connection pipe for predisposition of additional safety devices and accessories  
- Differential pressure switch for water circulation control  
- Hydraulic separator (mixing header)  
• Panel of Regulation on board (standard supplied)
• Thermoregulation HSCP (Master), water pressure gauge and system “On/Off” switch It is possible the control of up to a maximum of 12 completely independent heating circuits and of a DHW storage tank  
• Antilegionella function  
n°1 Module SHC standard supplied:  
- Programmable card of management up to 3 installation circuits and therefore up to 12 heating circuits  
- it has 2 entries, for external and room temperature
Optional accessories:  
- Acidic condensate neutralizers
- Additional safety devices kit
- Hydraulic separator (mixing header)
- Smokes evacuation kit

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Aluminium Light Commercial Boilers Collection by Unical AG
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