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Multi-combination “Inverter” air-conditioning system with high performances and comfont in all the installation types
The MULTI system allows to reduce the external installation spaces without having to abdicate to the optimal comfort of the internal rooms to be air-conditioned. A wide range of outdoor units can manage from 2 up to 5 indoor units of different models and and powers. If the addition of the powers of the indoor units exceeds the one of the outdoor unit, the system will automatically share the total power among the various indoor Units.    
Many are, therefore, the possible combinations with the MULTI range.    
The outdoor units are available in 5 models with different capacities that can be combined with the indoor units: wall type, floor / wall type, cassette type or ductable.  
This allows a great installation flexibility, able to satisfy every residential and commercial demand.
• DC Inverter Technology: the continuous progressive modulation allows the rotary compressor to adjust the absorbed power depending on the number of indoor units in request and according to the pre-set temperature, obtaining an electric energy saving  equal to 20% in comparison to the traditional systems.
• Heat pump operation also with low external temperatures
• Constant room temperature, thanks to the modulation of the compressor power.
• Modulating and thermoassisted expansion valves: they regulate the refrigerant pressure to always have the maximum efficiency from the cooling circuit according to the working conditions of the whole system.

Further info from manufacturer on MULTI_CMCN HI |
mm 600x700x210

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