Preassembled solar system

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Preassembled solar system



Preassembled solar system to be combined with an existing or new C.H. installation, installation box white painted, with double front opening
UNISUN SLIM is composed by
Vertical storage tank with a capacity of 150 litres, at very high temperature stratification, with two concentric coils of 1.2 m2 of exchange surface for the D.H.W. production.
• Total insulation in Fibre P, 20 mm thick
• Flange Ø 180/120 mm for inspection and easy maintenance
• Bulb holders for thermostat / thermometer
• Max. working pressure: D.H.W. circuit 10 bar, solar and boiler circuits 6 bar
• Max working temperature: 95°C
• Electrical resistance connection
System controller for the complete management of storage solar plants, including:
• Probes and power supplies, for the management of circulation groups, of the collector and of the heat source integration
• On/Off switch
• Manual / automatic pump operation
• Differential regulator for solar pump intervention
• Integration regulator
• Antifreeze function regulator
• Differential hysteresis regulator
One column circulation group for the management of solar plants, including:
• Circulation pump
• Ball type full passage gate valve
• Safety valve adjusted at 6 bar
• Manometer
• Dial thermometer installed on the gate valve
• Installation gate valve
• Filling and drain cock
• Flow rate meter and adjuster
• Expansion vessel connection
• Insulation in black EPP and connection fittings
Group of deviating/mixing thermostatic valve D.H.W. 6 l expansion vessel Solar system 18 l expansion vessel.
In order to complete the solar plant, Unical proposes the combination with SUNs, TITANIUM e TITANIUM XL collectors, very easily connectable to the UNISUN SLIM via two pipes only.
Optional kits:
- Additional DHW expansion vessel 10 litres
- Kit relay for boiler integration
- Electric heater

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