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Class A wall-mounted condensation boiler

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Class A wall-mounted condensation boiler



Design boiler, condensing, totally premix, Low NOx, room sealed, wall hung gas boiler, with electronic ignition and modulating pump, for heating and D.H.W. production - IPX5D, ErP certified class A
• Patented boiler body in aluminium-silicon-magnesium alloy
• Ignition and flame detection with just one electrode
• Modulation ratio 1:8
• Totally premixed burner with constant, fully electronic combustion ratio and modulating (both, the gas valve and the fan).
• Adjustment of output according to heating request
• HWS “Hot Water Speed”: to eliminate the delay in D.H.W. production
• D.H.W. stainless steel plate heat exchanger, with 12 plates (for mod. 24), 14 plates (for mod. 28/35)
Management of two heating zones, H/L temperature with different priority
• Electronic anti-frost protection from -5 °C
• Pump over-run function
• Safety limit thermostat
• Flow temperature sensor
• Return temperature sensor
• D.H.W. temperature sensor
• High efficiency modulating pump according to the heat request, managed by the electronic PCB, according to the EUP directive
• Expansion vessel 7 litres (mod. 24) , 10 litres (mod. 28/35)  
• Manometer
• Flow switch with cold water filter
• Automatic air vent
• Minimum water pressure switch
• Pressure safety valve 3 bar
• EASYr: remote control (standard) with chrono-thermostat functions, can be fitted wireless to the wall or placed on a stand
- Control of boiler operation and climatic regulation, antifreeze function and advanced comfort temperature
• Gateway for boiler connection
• Burner and heat exchanger inspection openings with quick release
• Paper mounting jig for prearrangement of hydraulic connections
• Screw anchors for boiler fixing
• Front panel in colored polymetilmetacrylate
• Completely disappearing connections

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Gas Condensation Collection by Unical AG
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