Wall-mounted outdoor stainless steel condensation boiler

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Wall-mounted outdoor stainless steel condensation boiler


Stainless Steel

Condensing, totally premix, Low NOx, room sealed, wall hung gas boiler, with electronic ignition and modulating pump, for heating only or heating and D.H.W. production - IPX5D
• Patented boiler body in aluminium-silicon-magnesium alloy
• Ignition and flame detection with just one electrode
• Modulation ratio 1:8
• Totally premixed burner with constant, fully electronic combustion ratio and modulating (both, the gas valve and the fan).
• Automatic combustion feed-back through the electrode that controls, constantly, the combustion quality
• Adjustment of output according to heating request
• HWS “Hot Water Speed”: to eliminate the delay in D.H.W. production
• Three way diverting valve
• D.H.W. stainless steel plate heat exchanger, with 12 plates (for mod. 24), 14 plates (for mod. 28-35)
• Management of two heating zones, H/L temperature with different priority
• Electronic anti-frost protection
• Operation guaranteed up to -15°C
• Pump anti-jamming function
• Pump over-run function
• Safety limit thermostat
• Flow temperature sensor
• Return temperature sensor
• D.H.W. temperature sensor (only for KONe ”C”)
• High efficiency modulating pump according to the heat request, managed by the electronic PCB, according to the EUP directive
• C.H. 8 litres expansion vessel
• Automatic air vent
• Minimum water pressure switch
• Pressure safety valve - 3 bar
• Touch screen panel board with connection for diagnostics and programming through PC or portable programmer
• Panel board magnetic door
• Manometer
• Multifunction keyboard with silicon membrane
• Burner and heat exchanger inspection openings with quick release
• Paper mounting jig for prearrangement of hydraulic connections
• Screw anchors for boiler fixing
• Siphon for condensate evacuation
- Covering for hydraulic connections
- On/Off or Modulating thermostats
- External temperature sensor

Further info from manufacturer on KONx SLIM

Gas Condensation Collection by Unical AG
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