EPS Radiant floor panel

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Vimercate, Italy
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EPS Radiant floor panel



Uponor Tecto is an innovative underfloor heating technology that opens new horizons. With Uponor Tecto you will find that your work is better, faster, easier, safer and more efficient.
Thanks to it's unique elements, you can install Uponor Tecto surprisingly quickly even on your own and, naturally, in accordance with the relevant standards. Simply press down the cover film onto the studs of the adjacent element so that they overlap. This ensures an accurate, secure join. Laying pipes at a 45° angle is just as easy with Uponor Tecto diagonal pipe fixings. ”Problem areas” are a thing of the past. The Uponor Tecto studs ensure that the pipes are laid correctly. And with Uponor Tecto there is virtually no waste. The cutting grid makes it easy to cut pieces to size. To lay off cuts, simply separate the cover film and the insulating element with one rapid movement. Then join them back together so that they overlap. The generous size of the elements, 1450 x 850 mm, makes for rapid progress.
Uponor Tecto can also withstand extremely heavy loads: an astonishing 500 kg/m2 in a nominal thickness of 38/35 mm and up to 3000 kg/m2 in a nominal thickness of 11 mm.

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