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Metal door handle

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Metal door handle



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H 374

Although extremely simple, Compasso features an elegant and well-defined design, and stands out against the door like a small sculpture: an important handle that can be personalized in endless ways. The front plate, also fixed by means of magnets, is available in various finishes: from the more traditional ones (Chrome, Cromosatin), to the brand new finish called Cromoton (a special procedure patented by Valli&Valli that entails a sort of “streaking” applied manually) , or it can be lined with wall paint or wallpaper (in case of “invisible” doors integrated with the wall ), wood or any other material to go with the style of one’s home .

Available in the following finishes: Orsatin, Cromosat, Cromoton, Orsat/unprocessed insert, Orsat/black Nextel insert, Cromosat/unprocessed insert, Cromosat/black Nextel insert, Cromoton/unprocessed insert, Cromoton/black Nextel insert.

The Compasso H 374 Series consists of:

-          Door handle with rose, material: brass
-          Window handle with 4-release mechanism
-          BZG privacy lock
-          45-mm standard key hole escutcheon
-          45-mm cylinder key hole escutcheon

Dimensions: 151 x 38 x 44 mm

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