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The solution against foul odours
The innovative system, Ariapur, is the ideal solution to ensure healthy fresh air inside the bathroom. Ariapur captures 80% of odours directly off the WC pan, eliminating them before they spread.
At the same time, it guarantees elimination of stale air and condensation from the bathroom.
A silent product, easily installed and compact in size, its minimalist design and the possibility of painting it, makes it suitable for all bathrooms.
The ideal solution in bathrooms without windows (in houses, firms or public places), but also in all situations where aeration of the room is not practical (heat loss, privacy, etc.).

Further info from manufacturer on ARIAPUR
Further details
The ideal solution to the problem of air renewal
The ideal solution to the problem of air renewal in bathrooms without windows and in public areas.

High rate
High rate of air extraction: 100 m³/h.

Activation triggered by switch or sensor
Activation triggered by switch or sensor inside the room, shut-off timer.

Elegance and discreetly
Elegance thanks to the minimalist design, Ariapur fits in discreetly in all surroundings

Combined extraction
Air extraction system with the combined extraction of air from the WC pan and from the room.

Extremely silent
Extremely silent in total compliance with regulatory limits.

Freedom in installation
Total freedom in positioning and installation, either in the wall of ceiling.

Easily serviced
Easily serviced thanks to the extractable motor without contact with electrical connections.
Extraction of odours
Extraction of vapour
Non-return valve
The valve is positioned in the outlet and it prevents the return of odours from the waste stack. Ariapur does not require its own waste pipe but can be connected directly to the ventilation stack of the waste system.

Connection flexibility
An adjustable flush pipe makes all installations possible. The connection can be positioned either to the left or to the right and it is equipped with a push-fit socket joint.

Even in thin walls
By using a special frame, Ariapur can be installed in 80 mm thick walls. Without the frame, the minimum installation depth is 100 mm.

Activation choice
Ariapur can be activated using traditional switches or motion sensors. Ariapur incorporates a timer to ensure the renewal of air as established by regulations.
Freedom of installation
The Ariapur system, thanks to its high degree of resistance to vapour and water jets, guarantees maximum installation flexibility. It is the only system with an IPX5 rating.
Thanks to its unique characteristics, Ariapur is a leader in its category in terms of performance, silence and ease of installation.
Installation and maintenance

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