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Concealed WC cistern

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Vestone, Italy
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Concealed WC cistern

The perfection of simplicity.
The constant attention to market demands and a policy inspired by the constant improvement of the production processes and product quality has resulted in the addition of Tropea3, an innovative in-wall cistern, to the Valsir range of products.
Tropea3 has come out on top in terms of performance, noise reduction and durability in compliance with EN 14055. The installation frames in the Tropea3 product line meet the regulatory requirement of EN 997.

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Further details
Lots of good reasons for choosing Tropea3
Ease of installation
Thanks to the rotating inlet fitting in brass.

Highly technological
Thanks to an innovative outlet valve that guarantees the correct consumption of water at each flush and adaptability to all types of WC pans.

Reliability of the internal components
Thanks to the use of materials that prevent the formation of limescale.

Activation can be mechanical, pneumatic or electronic, a demonstration of the extreme versatility of the product.

Reduced depth
The reduced depth of the cistern allows it to be used in any type of installation.

Adjustment of the flush volume to 6/3 litres or 4.5/3 litres allows the reduction of water consumption following Green Building principles.
Highly technological...
Stop valve
The stop valve is pre-fitted in all the Tropea3 cisterns to facilitate and accelerate installation; it is made up of an accessible closing device in brass and a molded body in PPSU, a technopolymer with an excellent mechanical performance.

The brass closing device is optimized to ensure the correct functioning over time.

Body made of polymer with mechanical properties comparable to those of brass.

Easy maintenance
Can be fully inspected even after installation thanks to the verifiable brass closing device.

Easy power supply
The brass swivel fitting has been studied to greatly simplify the installation phase.

Quick and easy installation
Fully pre-assembled and ready to install
Float valve
The float valve was designed to ensure resistance to water hammer (10-30 bar) and to guarantee excellent levels of silence during the filling phase. The accessible internal filter ensures reliability and constant levels in performance.

Limescale resistant
Produced entirely with materials that prevent the formation of limescale.

Internal filter must be inspectionable to block the impurities present in the water that can damage the membranes of the float valve.

Easy cleaning
Every part can be completely disassembled and reassembled to allow cleaning.

Direct connection, without a flexible hose, between the stop valve and the float valve which reduces noise and allows fast maintenance.

Resistance to high pressures
Designed to provide resistance to extremely high pressures and water hammers.
Outlet valve
A revolutionary outlet valve is behind the performance of the Tropea3 cisterns: reliability over time is guaranteed by the bottom seal made of a silicone blend and by the use of materials that delay the attack of limescale.

High performances
Unrivaled high pan cleaning performances thanks to the innovative outlet valve.

Limescale resistant
Made entirely with materials that prevent the formation of limescale and guarantee the reliability of the valve even in extreme conditions.

Materials in compliance with EN681/WC
The rubber components are in compliance with EN681/WC, a guarantee of their unmatchable quality and resistance.

Discharges can be regulated from 6/3 to 4.5 liters/3 liters in order to minimize the water consumption and to respect the environment and the Green Building principles.
Safety device
The tab is intended to keep the internal mechanisms in the correct position during handling until the cistern control plate has been completely installed.

Safety block
Blocks all the inside components of the flushing cistern.

Guaranteed removal
The device must be extracted in order to install the flushing cistern correctly, it does not allow the push plate to be placed until it is not removed.
Maximum versatility
Tropea3 was designed to allow installation inside any type of wall and for any type of WC pan.
Tropea3 for masonry walls
Designed for installation in walls of reduced thickness made of brick or wood with a floor standing WC pan. The flush pipe allows an adjustment of 20 mm either up or down in order to correct any height misjudgements once the flooring has been completed.
All the materials necessary for installation are included in the packaging and it is available with the Valsir Ariapur odour extractor system.
Tropea3 Fixsistem
Incorporates a galvanized sheet frame to be used with wall-hung pans in masonry rolls with reduced thickness. The anchor points of the pan and cistern are completely made of galvanized steel to guarantee maximum resistance to corrosion over time.
Tropea3 Fixsistem is available with the Valsir Ariapur odour extractor system.
Tropea3 Block S90
Is equipped with a painted steel frame designed for installation in light walls (plasterboard, wood) with a wall-hung pan. The reduced thickness (90 mm) and the compact WC bend allow installation in any type of wall.
The painted surface makes the frame resistant to corrosion over time. Tropea3 Block S90 is available with the Valsir Ariapur odour extractor system.
Tropea3 Block free-standing
This is the most flexible frame of the entire range. Made of painted steel, it is designed for installations in plasterboard walls or mixed walls with a wallhung WC pan. Thanks to the particular structure of the legs that are anchored to the floor, the frame does not require any other anchor points.
The painted surface makes the frame resistant to corrosion over time.

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